Wall Painting

At Pesada Commercial Painting, we know the power of colour can change everything for your business. As such, we have invested in tools, equipment and contractors to help you give your faded walls a splash of vivid life. Commercial wall painting is far more than simply slathering colour on the interior walls or your office or restaurant. We sit with our clients and help them choose colour combinations carefully after assessing their needs and requirements. Depending on the size of your retail store, plaza or food joint and also depending on the surfaces to be painted, we can expertly coat your walls in a time-efficient manner. Pesada is familiar with a variety of coatings and paints used in commercial settings, including:

  • 0 VOC Paints – These are a line of paint products with absolutely no volatile organic compounds contained within them. As such, they give off less fumes and are deemed much safer for commercial use.
  • Environmentally Friendly Paints – These paints are engineered to allow water to evaporate through them. They are quite useful for interiors where high levels of traffic.
  • Commercial Exterior Paints–We use these paints on materials such as stucco and other exterior surfaces for the purpose of withstanding the sometimes-brutal effects of weather.