Pesada Painting offers commercial painting services that cover nearly every kind of job site, be it institutional, industrial or commercial. We have commercial painting experience in hotels, factories, retail outlets, restaurants, fast food chains, office buildings, shopping plazas and multi-housing complexes. That being said, Pesada Painting is by no means strictly a commercial painting company. In addition to commercial projects, we have several years of experience in both institutional and industrial settings.

Known for quality, fast service & long lasting finishes, our commercial painting team is second to none. We ensure that all of the work we do is carried out professionally, within budget and beyond expectations. Pesada Commercial Painting employs a wide range of paints, coatings and protective commercial paint systems for a variety of different conditions and applications. Often times, especially with commercial painting projects, we find the need to use 0 VOC or environmentally friendly paints, as many of the settings are high traffic, such as schools or shopping centers. Over time, we have adapted to the needs of the industry and have made the necessary changes to stay competitive and affordable for our customers.