Other Industrial Buildings

Our clients include businesses that run healthcare facilities, warehouses and distribution centers all over Ontario. Pesada Industrial Painting extends its’ many years of experience, and project history to each and every new customer. We are an industrial painting company that has the necessary expertise, experience and business acumen to complete projects ranging from painting large steel structures to the complete repainting of industrial buildings. We also sit and help our clients individually plan and manage all aspects of the painting contracts.

We take pride in our factory and industrial building painting projects. Attempting to cut costs by using your own maintenance staff to carry out an industrial painting project typically results in increased costs. The reason behind this is that both the surface prep and paint application work is crucial, and if either is done less than perfect, the new applied coating will soon start to peel and flake. Large industrial painting projects often require a lot of knowledge and professional equipment. Silo painting, storage tank painting, steel structure painting, factory repainting & distribution center painting are all different services we offer. All of our industrial painting contractors are well-trained industry professionals that have experience painting all industrial surfaces & substrates.

Pesada Industrial Painting can help your business save money in the long term on:

  • any industrial painting tasks that require high access painting
  • painting steelwork for new and existing construction
  • internal/external silo and storage tank painting
  • factory machinery & equipment painting
  • fascia painting and cleaning
  • warehouse, factory & industrial building floor, wall, ceiling, roof and walkway painting