Factory Repainting

Types of industrial painting & decorating projects Pesada has dealt with:

  • Use of specialty floor coating
  • Industrial steel work painting (both internal & external structures)
  • Painting of industrial buildings
  • Sand blasting and shot blasting
  • Non-slip, fireproof protective coats

Pesada Industrial Painting is an industry-preferred contractor for a number of reasons. Our professional industrial services range from the application of specialist factory floor coverings to the painting of structural steel works and large factories. The vast majority of our industrial painting project work comes from repainting factories that require a better aesthetic look for potential customer visits.

At Pesada, we entirely cover all areas of industrial painting and commercial floor coating, drastically transforming worn and sometimes unsafe surfaces.

Our coatings & paint products are engineered to withstand the heaviest of wear & tear and provide a solution that will last for years to come. Our range of non-slip polyurethane and epoxy floor coating products meet the standards of the industry and are available in a broad range of colours.