Commercial Painting Professionals in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Underground Parking Garage & Warehouse Painting

Pesada Painting has experience in a number of commercial sectors including fabrication, warehousing, distribution, underground parking, retail, hospitality & entertainment. Richmond Hill, Toronto, Scarborough, North York, Rexdale, Markham and the Greater Toronto Area in general are home to hundreds of thousands of people, and obviously, a great number of residential and retail buildings. Pesada Commercial Painting offers free estimates for any potential commercial painting projects.

Institutional Painting – Schools, Libraries, Churches & Banks

For nearly a half century, Pesada Painting has worked with institutions such as universities, local libraries & religious buildings to complete both interior and exterior painting projects. Public buildings get some of the most traffic of any type of building, and therefore also require the most upkeep. Institutional coatings and painting services can help prolong the life of the interior and exterior wall & ceiling material, as well as leave visitors with a great impression.

Commercial Office Painting Projects – Interior & Exterior

Office building exteriors in Richmond Hill, Toronto, Rexdale, Markham, Scarborough & North York are particularly susceptible to weathering over years due to the harshness of Canadian winters. Pesada recommends that you have your office painted every 3-4 years to freshen up the work space as well as mitigate possible corrosion or deterioration of interior and exterior surfaces.

Richmond Hill, ON:
  • Richmond Hill is the only municipal Canadian government to have light pollution laws in place due to the presence of the David Dunlap Observatory.
  • Richmond Hill is one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada, with a large multicultural population.
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