Commercial Painting

It have proven essential that in commercial painting projects, all aspects of the job be coordinated with the customer to ensure that the deliverables are in line with the given expectations. Pesada Commercial Painting can further add value to the operation by ensuring the there is little, if any, disruption caused to previously existing business practice. Our on-site commercial painting teams are dedicated to each and every painting project that we undertake, resulting in familiarization of the site by all members of our crew.

Our accredited industrial and commercial painters are quick on their feet, and can adapt to the varying demands and specification of your commercial site. Pesada will ensure that all completed works are cordoned off to prevent unnecessary accidental damage and ensure that the required teams are supplemented to achieve pre-set deadlines.

Commercial painting projects include wall painting, ceiling painting, roof painting, parking garage painting, retail store painting and various industrial painting jobs. Pesada specializes in:

  • electrostatic coating
  • epoxy floor painting
  • interior/exterior surface painting
  • ceilings, walls & siding painting
  • commercial roof painting
  • sand blasting, water blasting, shot blasting & pressure washing
  • non-slip coating applications