Ceiling Painting

Perfect for both public and private schools, commercial offices and warehouses, we carry out commercial ceiling spraying for a broad range of customer’s province-wide. Regardless of the height or size of the surface area to be covered, our team of commercial painting contractors can re-spray commercial ceilings of all kinds with ease. Pesada Commercial Painting uses only the highest quality paint and materials to ensure a durable, washable finish that is guaranteed to last for many years to come. Commercial ceiling painting projects prove to be a much cheaper alternative to replacing the tiles themselves. Our ceiling spraying service will transform the surface area in question, rendering the ceiling nearly new.

All nearby light fixings, fittings and other ancillary components are professionally masked, making for a clean and precise finish throughout the ceiling. Our spray-painting process ensures that commercial tiles do not stick to the framework or actual grid of the ceiling. We use paint that dries quickly, has minimal odour and is environmentally friendly in an attempt to reduce interruptions to your ordinary business operation. Fully equipped with the latest products, coatings and other commercial painting equipment, Pesada Commercial Painting can undertake large jobs with a high degree of confidence. Our commercial painting team will ensure all that the work completed is done so to the most stringent standards.

Features of our commercial ceiling painting services include:

  • surface preparation: pressure washing, shot blasting & more
  • competitive rates
  • durable, long-lasting coating / paint
  • cleaner, more uniform paint finish